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    BioDoc-It®2 Gel Imaging Systems   
With its NEW streamlined all-in-one design, BioDoc-It2 enables researchers to capture high resolution, publication-quality gel images with the touch of the screen. This compact, stand-alone system is excellent as a dedicated capture station for multiple user labs...
BioDoc-It2 dedicated capture station
    iBox® Explorer2 Imaging Microscope   
Macro to micro detection of fluorescent markers in small animals is possible with the iBox Explorer2. Magnification from
0.17X to 16.5X.
Applications include
tumor shedding, micro/
macro metastases,
biodistribution monitoring...
iBox Explorer2 Macro to micro detection of fluorescent markers
UV Lamps
Portable UV Lamp
Ultraviolet Lamps
UVP manufactures a large selection of Mineralight®, Blak-Ray® and UV sterilizing lamps to accommodate many appplications and budgets.
Laboratory Products
Select models include an electronic ballast and cutting-edge construction for increased performance and efficiency!

Light Sources
light sources
Pen-Ray Lamps
UVP invented the Pen-Ray® Lamp and provides vast experience and knowledge in the industry. Pen-Ray Light Sources come in standard and custom configurations.
PCR Hoods
uv3 hepa
UV3 HEPA PCR Cabinets
Multi-featured PCR equipment combines UV irradiation and HEPA filter system to prevent experiment contamination.

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