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Instruments for Life Science Research

Speed, precision, flexibility and innovation characterize the instruments manufactured by Analytik Jena. See our complete life science solutions for all of your laboratory research studies. These instruments are now available through UVP in North America and UK/Ireland.

qTOWER Series Real-Time and rapidPCR

qTOWER 2.0/2.2 offer quantitative real-time PCR with proven 96 well standard SBS format. The top-reading fluorescence detection design utilizes patented high performance fiber optic components. qTOWER 2.2 offers a gradient function for ideal system optimization. < Learn More >

qTOWER model for rapidPCR performs 10X faster than standard systems. This model features fast and adjustable heating/cooling rates and a significant reduction of sample volumes (down to 5μl). Select from 12 high resolution, interchangeable color and FRET modules in up to 6 positions. < Learn More >

qTOWER 2.2
qTOWER Promo offers for the US/Canada. For a limited time, purchase a qTOWER series system and receive a free Color Module 1 and free laptop loaded with qPCRsoft software. Request promo details in the form below or call UVP's Upland office at (800) 452-6788.

FlexCycler2 PCR Thermal Cycler

Compact design with integrated display shows quick-start protocols. Select from interchangeable blocks: Mono (96 well) or Twin Blocks (2 x 48 wells). The FlexCycler2 offers  < Learn More >


InnuPure C16 Magnetic Particle
Based Extraction System

Flexible and efficient extraction system for fully automated isolation of high quality nucleic acids. Designed for small to medium throughput and a wide range of starting materials. Capacity for up to 16 samples in parallel. Adjustable elution volumes. Includes easy access sample loading tray and touch screen display. Simple operation with pre-set protocols.  < Learn More >

Innupure C16

SpeedMill PLUS Homogenizer

Powerful and efficient homogenizer for various starting materials. Patented Double Action Technology isolates DNA from a wide range of starting materials. Due to highly accelerated beads and a peak-shaped energy input, the system shreds the most difficult starting materials without heating to critical temperatures. Through passive cooling, sensitive materials can be homogenized without additional use of liquid nitrogen or other additives.     < Learn More >


Analytik Jena instruments and kits: To see the complete line of products, go to http://www.analytik-jena.de/en/life-science.html

See how Analytik Jena instruments can speed-up your research and generate accurate results.
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Analytik Jena Life Science Instruments are available through UVP, LLC in North America and UK/Ireland!

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