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Small Animal Anesthesia System

Fully-integrated turnkey Anesthesia System immobilizes small animals when taking pictures with the iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope, iBox® Scientia™ and iBox® Spectra™ Imaging System. The easy to use Anesthesia System is compact, portable and safe for animals.

Anesthesia System
Anesthesia unit shown with warming plate (sold separate) used in the UVP iBox Scientia and iBox Spectra.


Main Features

  • Anesthesia of up to five mice in the UVP iBox Scientia and iBox Spectra allows researchers to capture more images in less time.
  • The iBox Explorer accommodates anesthesia and placement of up to two mice inside the darkroom.
  • Easier to clean: The new warming plate has an easy-to-clean, flat, RTV free, surface.
  • Easy to use:
    • Hosing quick connects and disconnects.
    • Flow meter to easily check and monitor gas flow.
  • Minimal use of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane.
  • New safety features:
    • A thermal cutoff switch activates if the plate exceeds temperature specifications.
    • Anesthesia exhaust tubes, connections, chamber, and flush mechanisms are designed to prevent exposure to Isoflurane gas in the lab.

Easy to Use Configuration

The Anesthesia System combines several components to regulate and administer a combination of oxygen and isoflurane gas to the animal.

  • The initial anesthesia is performed in the induction chamber.
  • The animal is then moved to the warming plate inside the iBox System darkroom. The plate generates uniform temperature conditions which maintain a safe body temperature of the animal during the imaging process.
  • A low profile breathing device on the plate connects to patented valves. These valves control the gas flow through the nose cone to protect the animal and technician from overexposure to gas. The breather incorporates multiple ports to accommodate up to five mice.

The iBox system facilitates the quick image capture of the animal. While imaging is performed, it is important that there is no movement of the subject. The Anesthesia System used with the iBox minimizes movement and allows the animal to use less anesthesia reducing stress and potential side-effects while imaging. The anesthesia also allows quick recovery time of the animal.

The simple design is easy to set up with the iBox System and ensures a straightforward process for controlling small animal anesthesia.