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BioSpectrum® 2D Imaging System

The BioSpectrum® 2D Imaging System is designed to automate 2D research with one-touch, pre-set or user-defined PC controls for accurate, repeatable imaging and analysis. Achieve fast 100% matching of 2D gels. The fully automated system design with a cooled CCD camera permits multiple applications including 2D, 1D colorimetric and chemiluminescent imaging. The VisionWorks 2D software allows 100% matching of 2D spots!

BioSpectrum 2D Imaging System


  • 2D protein gels
  • Visible and fluorescent stains
  • Single and multiple dyes
  • 2D western blots

 Plus 1D, colorimetric, chemiluminescent imaging.

System Names


BioSpectrum 810
MegaCam Camera (810)

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Main Features
  • Capture superior images with the 8.3 megapixel high resolution, high sensitivity cooled CCD camera
  • Motorized optics for setting the aperture, zoom and focus
  • Automated templates for repeat experiments
  • Light tight darkroom creates optimum imaging conditions
  • Unique viewing window blocks UV for quick sample inspection
  • Built-in overhead white light and UV are easily selected from the software interface
  • Automated control of the five-position emission filter array
  • Easy access white light illuminator for imaging Coomassie blue or silver stained media
  • Roll-out tray provides easy access to the UV transilluminator
  • Chemi tray fits over the white light plate or UV transilluminator for placement of blots
  • Select from several benchtop, patented and awarding winning transilluminator models (configured with system or optional)
  • VisionWorksLS and VisionWorks 2D Software (configured with system or optional)
  • Accessibility ports built-in for the BioLite(fiber optic multispectral source) as an optional component
  • In addition to 2D imaging, the system can be used for 1D fluorescent and colorimetric imaging as well as chemiluminescent imaging


  • White light illuminator for visualizing samples such as Coomassie blue or silver stained media; operate the white light via the software interface
  • Store the white light plate in the side pocket of the BioSpectrum when not in use
  • To use the transilluminator, slide the transilluminator out on the sliding tray and place samples on the filter surface
  • To fluoresce samples in the 460-470mm range, place the optional Visi-Blue Plate over the transilluminator surface
VisionWorks 2D Analysis Software
  • A guided workflow for straightforward, fast 2D gel analysis.
  • See VisionWorks 2D tab
VisionWorksLS Software Interface
  • Automates research for easy, yet accurate and repeatable results
  • Controls the motorized zoom lens, epi and transillumination UV and white light, emission filter selection and system power
  • Allows selection of user-defined templates or default settings
  • Create macros to quickly execute multiple commands with a click of a button
VisionWorksLS Image Acquisition and Analysis Software

VisionWorksLS Image Acquisition and Analysis Software can be configured with the system or ordered separately. Check with a local representative for details. This sophisticated package provides comprehensive tools for image capture and analysis of gels, plates and membranes as well as colony counting. Capabilities include:

  • Image acquisition functions for simple image capture and expanded integration options
  • Apply numerous image enhancements to captured images
  • Comprehensive tools for advanced 1D lane densitometry and analysis including area density, molecular weights and colony counting
  • Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • One-touch automated macros
  • Define user profiles and preferences
  • Generate extensive reports and export data
  • Multiple user network license available
  • More