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UVP ChemStudio SA2 (formerly ChemiDoc-It®TS3)

The all-new UVP ChemStudio SA2 is designed with a new smaller profile. The high resolution and high sensitivity CCD cameras are optimized for life science research studies in chemiluminescent western blots, fluorescent, colorimetric and multiplex gel and blot applications. The system’s large 15.6” integrated multi touch screen with capture software simplifies the imaging workflow.

Capture vivid gel & blot images with easy to use integrated touch screen and software. Applications for ChemStudio SA2

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Applications for this system include gel documentation, chemiluminescent blots, Northern blots, Southern blots, chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent westerns, protein blots, dot blots, protein gels, bioluminescence, DNA gels, blue light gels, TLC gels, colony plates, 2D gels, multiplex, colorimetric, visible light gels, autoraphiographs, microplates, microarrays.

Main Features

The UVP ChemStudio SA2 is a stand-alone, upgradeable system. Image capture and enhancement is automated with a built-in, VisionWorks® touch software. UVP's imaging systems feature modular and customized options for enhancing the user experience.

  • Upgradeable to support RGB, Near IR and other multiplex applications using the UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source.
  • Choice of two deeply cooled (-57⁰C) cameras for low noise in low light applications.
  • Built-in, 15.6 inch, multi-touch computer.
  • VisionWorks touch software, features Templates for automated image acquisition and enhancement. Acquisition settings such as autoexposure, focus, zoom, lighting and filter selections can easily be saved and reused, for one-touch capture.
  • Overhead white lighting is included, with optional UV and blue light.
  • UV transillumination is included with the option for 1 UV (302nm) or 3™UV (254, 302, and 365nm) wavelengths and sizes ranging from 21x26cm to 25x26cm.
  • Wide imaging area (field-of-view) for gels and blots of various sizes (up to 25 x 26 cm). Field-of-view, depends on camera and lens selected.
  • Five-position automated, filter tray for easy access (Ethidium bromide filter included)
  • A height adjustable chemi tray is located inside the darkroom, for imaging blots closer to the lens.
  • The built-in computer provides a fully networkable system that can connect over wireless network for simple transfer of files and data

Cameras and Optics

  • MegaCam 815 camera: An 8.1 megapixel camera features an f/0.95 lens, for fast and high sensitivity image capture
  • BioChemi 515 Camera: A 2.1 megapixel camera for affordable option with a zoom lens.
  • All lenses available with the option for manual or automated control

Service and Warranty

  • Three-year manufacturer warranty included
  • UVP, offers outstanding technical/application support and service

Accessories included

  • Chemi tray for placement of blots
  • Stylus for touch screen
  • 7 USB ports are available for connecting to a keyboard, mouse and other accessories
  • The full package VisionWorks™ analysis software is included for use on an external computer. Analysis functions include, 1D lane and band analysis, histograms, lane profile graphs, total area density, Western blot densitometry and data reporting. Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is available.

Accessories for upgrades

  • UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source: for overhead excitation of fluorescent multiplexed Western blots, DIGE 2D gels, PAGE gels and more
  • Filters are available for specific wavelength requirements
  • LED White Light Plate: for white light transillumination applications such as Coomassie Blue, Silver stains and others
  • Visi-Blue™ converter plate: for blue light gels, converts UV to 460-470 nm
  • For overhead UV lighting: UV Lamp Modules. Two lamps are recommended.
  • When calibration of the light source in the system is required, the Luminescence Calibration Standard can be used to emit a very stable light over four orders of magnitude. The standard can be used for validation of measuring equipment, including cameras.

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