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UVP ChemStudio™ / UVP ChemStudio™ touch Imagers

With 50 years of experince in imaging, the creators of the UVP ChemStudio Imaging Systems, are the trusted experts of chemiluminescence and gel imaging applications. The UVP ChemStudio and UVP ChemStudio touch are essential to laboratories performing genomic and proteomic applications. No film is required for imaging.

UVP ChemStudio series imagers are used for high sensitivity imaging of Western blots, fluorescent Westerns, immunoblots, protein blots, DNA gels, protein gels, blue light gels, colony plates and a wide range of stains and dyes. The UVP ChemStudio touch is a stand-alone, touch screen operated imager with a small footprint, which maximizes laboratory bench space. It is also available as an external computer operated system for those laboratories with particular IT/computer requirements.

Capture vivid gel & blot images with easy to use integrated touch screen and software. Applications for ChemStudio touch

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Main Features

  • UVP ChemStudio touch is a stand-alone, touch screen automated system with a small footprint.
  • UVP ChemStudio, is operated using an external computer, with the full package VisionWorks® Acquisition and Analysis Software.
  • Choose from an economical 4.1 MP version or an advanced 8.1 MP resolution system.
  • Optimized f/0.95 lens optics for maximum light sensitivity and quick capture speeds in low-light or long exposure applications.
  • Overhead white, red, green and blue LEDs included. Field upgradeable for red and green LEDs for multiplex applications. Expanded wavelengths available from 400-800 nm wavelengths.
  • Ergonomic features: a new Thin-Line Transilluminator with a 16.8 x 21cm maximum illuminated imaging, in a pull-out tray, automated emission filter wheel, and 13.3 inch integrated touch screen computer.
  • Imagers include specialized customer service and technical support. Dedicated application support teams are always available. Bioimaging specialists provide on-site demos, installation, technical service and upgrades.
  • Imager is modular allowing the addition of accessories.
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