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Ultraviolet Crosslinkers

Chamber supplies uniform intensity overhead UV exposure of materials. The CL-1000 model is an exposure instrument, which utilizes shortwave ultraviolet energy to bond the DNA to a medium.

Ultraviolet Crossliner


  • Shortwave 254nm UV:
    UV crosslinking membranes
  • Longwave 365nm UV:
    UV curing, non-destructive testing
  • Midrange 302nm UV:
    Photochemical reactions, UV crosslinking

Main Features

  • Small footprint for benchtop use
  • Preset and manual controls for ultraviolet or time exposures
  • Preset exposure delivers 120,000 microjoules or five minutes of exposure
  • Microprocessor measures and control UV output, ensuring maximum energy efficiency
  • Large LED display and touch panel which displays time or energy settings
  • Window on the door allows viewing of the process yet blocks out the UV radiation
  • Select from models with 302nm midrange UV, 365nm longwave UV or 254nm shortwave UV
  • Overhead UV supplies uniform UV
  • Shortwave UV model is available with choice of door (CL-1000) or drawer (CX-2000) styles
  • Built-in UV sensor is calibrated at the UVP factory to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Crosslinking for attaching nucleic acids to a membrane takes seconds as compared to oven baking

Research Using the UV Crosslinker

Study of the DNA Damage Checkpoint using Xenopus Egg Extracts < Video > (UV-Crosslinker, 7:40)