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UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source

The UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source utilizes high intensity xenon or halogen lighting in conjunction with fiber optic guides to a supply powerful, directed illumination of live plants, animals, and other fluorescent stained samples in UVP's BioImaging Systems. A wide range of excitation and emission filters enable a wide spectral range of wavelengths.

  DigiDoc-It Imaging System


  • Multiplex
  • Fluorescent Western blots
  • GFP, RFP, CY, Alexa dyes
  • IR
  • In vivo imaging
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Main Features

UVP offers three UVP eLITE models:

    1.   UVP eLITE Xe with automated controls, xenon light source and eight filter positions
    2.   UVP eLITE Automated with automated controls, halogen light source and eight filter positions
    3.   UVP eLITE Manual with manual controls, halogen light source and one filter position

The UVP eLITE features:

  • Uniform and directed epi or transillumination lighting of samples is supplied via the UVP eLITE source. The fiber optic light path tightly controls the output spectrum, allowing consistent repeatable image capture with superior signal to noise.
  • UVP eLITE accommodates a variety of filters for specific applications. The excitation filters are paired with emission filters for visualizing and capturing the stained samples. Filter sets are ordered separately.
  • The software controlled design of the automated models allows users to easily select filter and intensity settings via the VisionWorks® software interface. Users can save settings as a template for repeat experiments. The UVP eLITE Manual model provides an economical version with manually selected filter and light intensity settings.
Filter Selection

Select from many standard or custom excitation and emission filter sets (ordered separately) to fit any wavelength in the output spectrum. Filters available include a 630nm IR near infrared excitation filter for CY5.5. The excitation filter is placed in the UVP eLITE for direct sample illumination while the emission filter is placed in the imaging darkroom.

Using the UVP eLITE with UVP's Advanced Imaging Systems

A UVP eLITE system can be added to UVP's Advanced Imaging Systems including:

  • UVP ChemStudio PLUS
  • UVP ChemStudio and UVP ChemStudio SA2
  • GelDoc-It2 and UVP GelStudio SA2 Imagers

The iBox In Vivo Imaging Systems include a UVP eLITE as standard. Refer to the iBox product pages for the UVP eLITE model configured with each system.

The fiber optic bundles easily connect from the UVP eLITE through an access port in the side of the darkroom. The light sources are positioned with directed epi illumination of samples placed on the tray or with the highly uniform transillumination box. Easily control settings via the VisionWorks software (for automated models).

An Advanced Imaging System configured with a UVP eLITE permits multiplexing so that several proteins in a sample can be detected and analyzed at the same time on a single protein blot. NIR labels, in particular, offer very low background and high signal-to-noise ratio for quantitative imaging. The UVP ChemStudio PLUS configured with UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source provides a full range of wavelengths for excitation of samples. The system offers rapid, high resolution image capture through the use of a cooled CCD camera and low light lens. Typically, exposures are complete in 30 seconds to two minutes. Images are captured and processed with VisionWorks Software to composite the pseudocolored images. Read the Application Note discussing Multiplex NIR Imaging of Protein Blots with the UVP ChemStudio PLUS and UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Source < Link for more information >.