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Memorase® EPROM Erasers

UVP offers a selection of Memorase EPROM Erasers, from small desktop, handheld models to large capacity models for erasing PC boards and wafer trays with shortwave 254nm UV. Microchip erasure occurs rapidly with the 254nm UV. All EPROM Erasers are UV safe. The mini DE-1 Eraser is pictured.

DE-1 EPROM Eraser


  • EPROM Erasure
  • PC Board and Wafer Tray Erasure


Main Features

  • DE-1: The mini DE-1 is portable, battery operated unit (4 AA batteries not included) and uses a 4-watt shortwave tube to erase one EPROM in as little as two minutes.
  • DE-4: The compact desktop DE-4 accommodate up to eight EPROMs and uses a 4-watt shortwave tube witha typical erasure time of 8.3 minutes.
  • DE-50: The DE-50 holds up to 50 EPROMs with erasure in approximately 5.9 minutes; unit can also erase PC boards up to 1.5 inches high. This system is comprised of five shortwave tubes, individual lamp viewports and an automatic shut-off timer.
  • C-91: The C-91 has capacity for 96 EPROMs and features a grid lamp, tube viewports and cumulative hour meter.

All EPROM Erasers come equipped with conductive foam pads to prevent electrostatic buildup.