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ChemiDoc-ItTS2 Imager

ChemiDoc-ItTS2 Imager

A simple touch of the screen captures vivid gel and Western blot images. Generate accurate quantitative analysis results. ChemiDoc-ItTS2 Imager saves time and simplifies imaging workflow with the integrated design.

Ultrasensitive cooled CCD camera detects finest details. No film required for chemiluminescent Western blot imaging. System features compact benchtop footprint and network connectivity. Add white plate for Coomassie Blue/Silver stains.

Maximize imaging capabilities with free light plates! Purchase a ChemiDoc-ItĀ®TS2 Imager and receive a free LED white light plate and a blue light plate for viewing additional stains. White plate is for viewing stains such as Instant Blue, Coomassie Blue and Silver. The blue plate is for viewing stains such as GelGreen, SYBR Green and SYBR Safe.

Applications for this system include: chemiluminescent blots, Northern blots, Southern blots, chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent westerns, protein blots, dot blots, protein gels, bioluminescence, DNA gels, blue light gels, TLC gels, colony plates, 2D gels, multiplex, colorimetric, visible light gels, autoraphiographs, microplates, microarrays.

Fluorescence western blotting
Ultra-Rapid and Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Proteins in Chemiluminescent
Western Blot Imaging

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Fluorescence western blotting
Watch the video to see how the
ChemiDoc-ItTS2 Imager saves you time
and simplifies imaging workflow

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Western Blots
ChemiDoc-ItTS2 is recommended
for vivid gel and Western
blot images

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