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UVP GelTower (formerly GelMax® Imager)

Simplify precast and mini gel imaging with the UVP GelTower! This small imager is perfect for small gels - image any precast or mini gels up to 11.5 x 16cm. Simply place the gel on the transillumination plate and capture brilliant color images. The streamlined software interface guides you through the image capture process with automated pre-set capture buttons. Or, have the option to define settings for quick, personalized image capture. Gel analysis is made easy with the user-friendly software. This small imager is truly plug and play, requiring no training. Main photo shows the UVP GelTower with Visi-Blue Plate. Click the Video tab below to see how easy it is to use the UVP GelTower!

UVP GelTower


  • DNA/Protein Gels
  • Precast/Mini Gels
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Main Features

  • Capture brilliant publication-quality images of precast and mini gels with the high resolution color camera
  • Illuminate gels with midrange UV or optional interchangeable transillumination sources: white, blue or longwave UV
  • Generate quantitative analysis results with a simple workflow-based software interface
  • Reduce lab bench space requirements with the compact design

Maximize Gel Imaging with Interchangeable Plates

The UVP GelTower utilizes a built-in midrange 302nm UV transilluminator. Maximize imaging capabilities by adding interchangeable sample plates to view a wide range of fluorophore and colorimetric stains. The modular design enables easy placement of sample plates to illuminate precast or mini gels with sizes up to 11.5 x 16cm. Select from several optional sample plates that convert 302nm UV:

  • Visi-Blue™ Sample Plate: Converts 302nm UV to 460-470nm for viewing stains such as SYBR Green, SYBR Safe and GelGreen
  • White Light Sample Plate: Converts 302nm UV to white light for viewing Coomassie Blue and Silver stained gels
  • Longwave UV Sample Plate: Converts 302nm UV to 365nm UV, which reduces photonicking of samples

Black Sample Plate is included with the UVP GelTower for placement of samples not requiring transillumination lighting.

Easily Accessible Controls

The control panel enables easy selection of emission filters and lighting. The emission filter selector controls the five-position filter tray, located on the side of the darkroom, which includes an ethidium bromide filter. Add additional filters as required for other types of stains.

The lighting selector controls choice of epi white light or transillumination lighting. A safety switch automatically shuts the transillumination lighting off when the transilluminator is opened or after ten minutes.

Simple Software Interface

The software interface features pre-set, one-touch preview and capture buttons to simplify image acquisition. The capture buttons control the camera and lighting settings. Or, define and save specific settings as templates which can easily be accessed for repeat experiments. Images are publication-ready and highly quantifiable -- images are crisp, clear and ready for analysis.

Easily perform image enhancements and 1D analysis with the Doc-It®LS software. Calibrate using Molecular Weight (MW) standards from the software library or add your own standards.

Create, document and print detailed and customizable reports of analysis data.