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iBox® Scientia Small Animal Imaging System

iBox Scientia Small Animal Imaging System is designed to automate your in vivo small animal imaging research. System enables non-invasive detection of fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters in mice. The one-touch, pre-set or user-defined controls are easy to use for accurate, repeatable imaging.

iBox Scientia Small Animal Imaging System


 Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Applications
 for the iBox Scientia for pre-clinical research

  • Tumor studies
  • Cancer research
  • Heart disease
  • Gene therapy

System Names


iBox Scientia 615 Imaging System
OptiChemi 615
iBox Scientia 900 Imaging System
BioCam 900

iBox® Scientia Small Animal Imaging System Main Features

  • Selection of high resolution, high sensitivity CCD cameras for in vivo imaging
  • Motorized optics for setting the aperture, zoom and focus
  • Light tight darkroom creates optimum imaging conditions
  • Unique viewing window enables quick sample inspection
  • Matched emission/excitation filter sets specifically for small animal imaging
  • Automated control of the five-position emission filter array to allow addition of emissions for visible, IR and UV to meet all spectral requirements
  • Warming plate
  • Roll-out tray provides easy access for placement of mice on the warming plate
  • Automated templates for repeat experiments
  • VisionWorks Software (configured with system or optional) for analysis and image compositing 


  • Light tight darkroom creates optimum imaging conditions
  • Unique viewing window is UV blocking for quick sample inspection
  • Built-in overhead white light and UV are easily selected from the software interface
  • Automated control of the five-position emission filter array
  • Power lift is adjustable to any setting in a ten inch travel range (manual lift also available); Automated calibrating home position synchronizes the power lift at start-up
  • Dual fiber optic ports supply access from the BioLite MultiSpectral power source to the epi or BioLite transilluminator lights
  • Access port for connecting to an external anesthesia unit (not included)

Warming Plate

Warming Plate provides a platform for maintaining a regulated temperature of small animals to prevent hypothermia. The stable temperature enables consistent day-to-day results. The warming plate supplies a uniform temperature setting to calm the animal while taking pictures.

BioLite MultiSpectral Source

  • External power supply houses the eight position filter wheel
  • Automated design controls the filter wheel and six intensity positions
  • Fiber optic light source connects through the darkroom port for epi or transillumination
  • Epi illumination is built into the darkroom while the BioLite transilluminator is an optional unit
  • Matched excitation/emission green fluorescent protein (GFP) and red fluorescent protein (RFP) excitation filter are included; other filter sets available
  • The BioLite supplies a direct source using fiber optic bundles and a closed optical path to tightly control the output spectrum for consistent, repeatable measurements


Choose from two camera models: BioChemi 500 or OptiChemi 610. Link to camera specifications for more information. Cameras are selected for their high sensitivity for in vivo imaging applications. The configurations supply real time, live preview of images.

Field of view for the BioChemi 500 camera at the power lift in the bottom position is 16x16cm; at the position closest to the lens is 8 x 8 cm.

Software Interface

  • Software automates your research for easy, yet accurate and repeatable results
  • Controls the BioLite, darkroom’s epi and transillumination UV and white light, emission filter selection and system power
  • Allows selection of user-defined or default settings
  • Select identify specific filters
  • Click on the epi and transillumination light sources
  • Set templates and user preferences for recurring experiments

VisionWorks Image Acquisition and Analysis Software

VisionWorks Image Acquisition and Analysis Software can be configured with the system or ordered separately. Check with your local representative for details. This sophisticated package provides comprehensive tools for image capture and analysis of gels, plates and membranes as well as colony counting. Capabilities include:

  • Image acquisition functions for simple image capture and expanded integration options
  • Apply numerous image enhancements to images
  • Comprehensive tools for advanced 1D lane densitometry and analysis including area density, molecular weights and colony counting
  • Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • One-touch automated macros
  • Define user profiles and preferences
  • Generate extensive reports and export data
  • Multiple user network license available
  • More...