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German-engineered isolation, extraction and enrichment kits from Analytik Jena are now available through UVP in North America and UK/Ireland. The kits are proven to speed up and increase accurate results. Links to kit specifications are provided below:

innuPREP and blackPREP kits supply optimized solutions for isolating nucleic acids from human, animal and plant starting materials. Kits utilize Spin Filter technology to provide excellent yields of high quality nucleic acids.

PME Free-Circulating DNA Extraction Kit quickly and efficiently processes serum and plasma from different blood collection systems with starting sample volumes of up to 10 ml.

LOOXSTER® Enrichment Kit enriches bacterial and fungal DNA from predominantly eukaryotic DNA isolates. Suitable for up to 300 μg of input DNA.

innuCONVERT Bisulfite Conversion Kits are optimized for epigenomics and enable complete conversion of non-methylated cytosine to uracil. Kits generate excellent DNA yield, integrity and stability.

To see an overview of Analytik Jena's instruments available through UVP in North America and UK/Ireland, go to http://uvp.com/AJ/ To see the complete line of Analytik Jena instruments and kits, go to ttp://www.analytik-jena.de/en/life-science.html

FREE demo kit samples are available in the US and UK/Ireland. Fill out the form below and specify the kits of interest. A rep will contact you to discuss your kit request.

See how Analytik Jena kits can speed-up your research and generate accurate results. Fill out the form below and specify the kits of interest.

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Free demo kits promotion ends 12/31/15. Offer only valid in the United States, UK and Ireland. Promotion subject to change without notice.

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