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Luminescence Calibration Standard

The Luminescence Calibration Standard is used for experimental data validation as well as for the calibration of light and the validation of measuring equipment, including cameras. The Standard emits very stable light over four orders of magnitude and can be used for any low light-measuring camera, for quality control, or as a benchmark for between-experiment comparisons.

Luminescence Calibration Standard


  • Calibration of light output
  • Quality control
  • Validation of data

Main Features

The Luminescence Calibration Standard's enables features include:

  • Designed specifically for low-light calibration
  • Extremely stable emission
  • Broad-spectrum green light
  • Descending light output of:
    • Setting 1: 100%
    • Setting 2: 10%
    • Setting 3: 1%
    • Setting 4: 0.1%
  • Calibrated at the UVP factory
  • Consistent output for accuracy of data

Easy to Use

Place the Luminescence Calibration Standard in the imaging system along with the comparison source. With a live camera preview, view the comparison source and the focusing aid located on the standard. Then, capture the image. Use the VisionWorks® software Area Density analysis tool to compare the relative intensities of the standard's LED light aperture to the comparison source.