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October 2015…   Capture Western Blot Images and More with New ChemiDoc-ItTS3 Imager...

See how UVP's new ChemiDoc-ItTS3 Imagers simplify imaging with the ultra-sensitive cooled CCD camera for the finest detection and capture of chemiluminescent western blots, fluorescent, colorimetric and multiplex gels. New design provides a streamlined darkroom configuration with open access to the camera and lens.

  • Define your system with choice of CCD camera and lens to fit your budget and research requirements. CCD cameras include up to 8.1 megapixels resolution and deep cooling for super-sensitive detection of western blots. No film required for western blot imaging.
  • The large 15.6" screen features multi-touch capability and easy to use software interface.
  • Select from new capture modes, AutoExposure tool and One-Touch templates.
  • Capture modes optimize image capture with numerous integration and exposure settings and the capability to capture a series of images.
  • Select and save desired capture settings as One-Touch templates which can be recalled later to save time for later experiments.
  • Users can select from multiple languages.
  • Conveniently save images to the Imager, to USB or a network computer.

UVP's BioImaging Systems are available through a world-wide dealer network. Contact UVP for product or dealer information.

UVP products at Nanjing Internation Science Education Exhibition
Sepember 2015…   New BioDoc-It2 Gel Imaging Systems ...

UVP's next generation BioDoc-It2 systems enable fast, easy gel documentation with a touch of the screen.

  • The new high resolution 5.0 megapixel camera captures publication-quality gel images. Illuminate, view and capture fluorescent gel images.
  • Compact space-saving all-in-one system enables gel imaging in one location. No external computer is required.
  • The capture software displays on the integrated 10" touch screen computer. Fine-tune capture with automated and manual settings. Users can select language of choice.
  • Save publication-quality gel images to the system, USB or network computer.
  • UV transilluminator included for stained gel excitation. Add light plates to excite additional stained gels. White Light Plate is for viewing stains such as Coomassie Blue and Silver Stain. Visi-Blue



UVP products at Nanjing Internation Science Education Exhibition

October 2014...   iBox Scientia Hands-on Training... < Read More >

April 2014…   Shanghai PrimeSci Co. Shows UVP Imaging Systems and Laboratory Products at Nanjing Exhibit ...
Shanghai PrimeSci Co., UVP's China distributor attended the eleventh "Nanjing International science education equipment and technology exhibition" at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center held April 11 to 13. The exhibition was great success. "Nanjing International Education Equipment and Technology Exhibition science" is a key support for the government in Nanjing, Jiangsu and is a nationally known professional exhibition organization. Founded in 2004 to promote science industry development as the goal, the show has won the "outstanding brand show in Jiangsu Province" and "excellent brand in Nanjing exhibition." "Nanjing Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition" has grown into the largest in East China, the country's top comprehensive scientific instruments and laboratory equipment, specialty show, has formed a remarkable brand, is the promotion of domestic and foreign manufacturers to demonstrate scientific instruments with the best platform devices.

UVP products at Nanjing Internation Science Education Exhibition

April 2014…   UVP Offers Equipment to Simplify Life Science Research - See Us at AACR... < Read More >

February 2014…   UVP, LLC and Analytik Jena Distribution in South America... < Read More >

December 2013…   See UVP at ASCB... < Read More >

June 2013…   ChemiDoc-ItTS3 Imager Now Available with Multiple Language Interface... < Read More >

April 2013…   UVP is Now an Analytik Jena Company... < Read More >

March 2013…   UVP's iBox Explorer Imaging Microscope is featured in Genetic Engineering News article "Improving In Vivo Small Animal Imaging"... < Read the Article >

March 2013…   Easy, Efficient and Economical Gel Documentation with the GelDoc-Ite Imager... < here >

February 2013…  Tony Sanchez Gives Presentation at Edmund Optics Booth @ Photonics West... < here >

October 2012 …   UVP welcomes Patrick Beard as BioImaging Sales Specialist...  < here >

May 2012 …   UVP announces release of the new UVP GelTower designed for fast, easy imaging of precast and mini gels!  < here >

January 2012 …   New ChemiDoc-ItTS3 Imager simplifies imaging with an integrated touch screen and user-friendly capture software. Learn how easy it is to use in a minute!  < Video >

October 2011 …   UVP, LLC announces the release of the new ChemiDoc-It®TS3 Imager. The new integrated touch screen and user-friendly capture software simplify workflow for imaging of chemiluminescent, fluorescent, colorimetric and multiplex gels and blots. link  < here >

September 2011 …   UVP, LLC announces the BioSpectrum┬« Imaging System is now configured with the new MegaCam 810 scientific grade CCD camera. Designed for use in a wide range of proteomics and genomics imaging research, this camera enables enhanced image capture with the dynamic 8.1 megapixel resolution and high sensitivity capabilities. link  < here >

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June 2011 …   The Laboratory Products Association (LPA) celebrates 93 years bringing together companies in the scientific industry providing unique opportunities for networking, market information, and education.. UVP is pleased to be a member of this excellent association since 1965. Alex Waluszko, UVP's VP for marketing and sales, is currently on the Meetings Committee. Alex is pleased to have served as a past LPA board member. For information on the LPA, link  < here >

April 2011 …  UVP, LLC, a leading developer and manufacturer of BioImaging Systems and Laboratory Products, announces that the company has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system …    < More >

Posting on Bioscience Technology

February 2011 …   UVP announces the release of the new iBox Explorer Fluorescence Microscope. The Explorer system combines the technology from its macro imager, the iBox Scientia Imaging System, with new micro imaging technology that incorporates …    < More >

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June 2010 …   Major Software Upgrade for VisionWorks Analysis Software …    < More >

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March 2010 …   Orbital Motion Tray available for Hybridization Ovens: …    < More >

February 2010 …   Japanese commercial features UVP's BioDoc-It Imaging System  …   < Video >

January 2010 …   White Paper Illustrates Technique for Multi-Color Bacterial Counting …   < More >

January 2010 …   New BioDoc-It Upgrades: Boost Your BioImaging Capabilities with BioDoc-It® Systems for Gel Imaging …    < More >


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