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December 2009 …  Window to the World of Gels - PhotoDoc-It now includes a unique viewer
window …    < More >

December 2009 …  Researchers Around the World Go to UVP for …    < More >

November 2009 …  UVP Exhibits at American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in Los Angeles, California  … Details

October 2009 …  Darius Kelly Participates in Amgen California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour  … Details

October 2009 …  UVP to Exhibit new iBox Spectra at Neuroscience 2009  … Details

October 2008 …  See Colonies in a Whole New Light!  … Details

October 2008 …  Small Animal Anesthesia System  … Details

June 2008 …  The Best Just Got Better! Quick and Easy High Resolution Gel Imaging with the GelDoc-It TS Imaging System… Details

June 2008 …  Purchase select BioSpectrum Imaging Systems and Receive a Rockland Immunochemical Antibody Starter Package Free!… Details

May 2008 …  Sean Gallagher Releases Current Protocols Book… More

May 2008 …  BioDoc-It Imaging System Seen Around the World… More

May 2008 …  UVP Adds Staff for New Initiatives in Imaging Applications... More

March 2008 …  See UVP's New iBox Imaging System at Experimental Biology 2008…more

March 2008 …  UVP's new BioSpectrum 800 Imaging System will be demonstated AACR 2008…more

March 2008 …  UVP Unveils Several New BioImaging Systems at Analytica 2008…more

March 2008 …  UVP Wins Another Significant Tender for its Advanced Imaging Systems in China…more

March 2008 …  New High Resolution Digital Color Camera now available with the DigiDoc-It, MultiDoc-It and ChromaDoc-It Imaging Systems… Digi Camera 105

March 2008 …  UVP, LLC Exhibits Imaging Systems, Laboratory Products and Light Sources at Pittcon

January 2008 …  UVP, LLC Introduces the New BioSpectrum 800 Imaging System with Nonlinear Dynamics' SameSpots Analysis Software for Accelerated 2D Gel Imaging and Analysis

December 2007 …  New Line of Transilluminators: Advanced features for increased performance and efficiency!

May 2007 …  Fast, Easy Gel Documentation with New Digital Color Imaging System

Press Release, May 2007 - UVP is pleased to announce the newly designed PhotoDoc-ItT Imaging System for basic documentation of gels and plates. The system is configured for limited laboratory space and budgets…

April 2007 … UVP Sales Team Expands

Press Release, April 2007 - UVP, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Joe Foley to our BioImaging Systems Sales Team …

March 2007 … UVP LLC Awarded Landmark Tender for BioSpectrum Advanced Imaging Systems in China

Press Release, March 2007 - UVP, LLC recently shipped 34 of its advanced BioSpectrum Imaging Systems to the Chinese Center for Disease Control …

March 2007 … Level Biotechnology Exhibits UVP's Imaging Systems at the 22nd Annual Conference in BioMedical Sciences in Taiwan…

Press Release, March 2007 - Level Biotechnology, a leading supplier of scientific instruments in Taiwan and UVP dealer, recently participated in the 22nd Joint Annual Conference in BioMedical Sciences…

January 2007 … UVP, Inc. Acquired by Carlisle Enterprises, LLC Upland, California, January 11, 2007 - Carlisle Enterprises LLC, a San Diego, California based private equity investment firm formed an investment group which acquired UVP, Inc. on January 2, 2007. After previous success with Kendro Laboratory Products, a similar laboratory products business, Carlisle plans to position UVP as a platform for further expansion into the life science market.

Leighton Smith, President & CEO of UVP, LLC said: "Carlisle's access to capital markets, their industry knowledge and their operating expertise represent significant support for UVP's continued growth and development. They share our strategic vision and focus in life science imaging and they support our growth initiatives. We are excited about the future."

About UVP, LLC - UVP is a global leader in life science imaging, supplying imaging systems for academic, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. With core expertise as the leading developer and manufacturer of ultraviolet products since 1932, UVP continues to provide innovative products and specializes in fluorescence and luminescence-based imaging applications for the life sciences. The organization provides comprehensive service and support to customers and dealers worldwide. UVP's headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Upland, California. European Operations, Ultra-Violet Products Ltd., is headquartered in Cambridge, England.

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