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Pen-Ray® Accessories

Shields and filters are made specifically for the Pen-Ray® Lamps.

Power Supply


  • Pen-Ray Lamps

Main Features

  • Pen-Ray Lamps operate on an AC current. For certain systems it may be desirable to operate the lamp at higher frequencies than 60 Hz
  • Pen-Ray Lamps can operate satisfactorily at frequencies from 50 Hz to 3k kHz
  • Mating recommendations are available to provide optimum energy output from, and maximum life span of, the Pen-Ray Lamps

Shields and Filters

Pen-Ray Filter and Shields, for directing or modifying the emission output, can be ordered for the 11SC-1 Lamp.

  • Shield A has a 0.04 inch ID hole for a point-like source
  • Shield B a 0.31 x 0.63" window;
  • Shield C a 0.19 x 1.5" window
  • G-275 filter absorbs visible light while transmitting ultraviolet at 254nm
  • G-278 filter converts shortwave radiation to longwave at 365nm.