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Pen-Ray® Power Supplies

Made specifically for the Pen-Ray® Lamps, these power supplies provide proper voltage and current for starting and operating the lamps.

Power Supply


  • Pen-Ray Lamps


Main Features

  • Pen-Ray Lamps operate on an AC current. For certain systems it may be desirable to operate the lamp at higher frequencies than 60 Hz
  • Pen-Ray Lamps can operate satisfactorily at frequencies from 50 Hz to 3k kHz
  • Mating recommendations are available to provide optimum energy output from, and maximum life span of, the Pen-Ray Lamps

Open Power Supply

PS-5, PS-6 and PS-10 DC power supplies are designed as open power supplies with no housing. They are designed for placement in other units. The power supplies feature a standard lamp current shown in the chart below. To order a different current, contact UVP's offices. The power supplies can be ordered with a setting in the following ranges: PS-5 15-28mA, PS-6 and PS-10 15-48mA.