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Reveal™ Leak Detection Products

The Reveal Leak Detection Additives bring leaks to light with an ultraviolet lamp and special fluorescent tracing additives. Once the Reveal additive circulates through the system, leaks are easy to locate under a UV lamp.

Reveal Leak Detection Additives


  • Leak Detection Automotive Systems


Main Features

The Reveal leak detection tracer additives work easily and quickly in any system using water, oil, ATF, fuel or refrigerant. Reveal products reduce comebacks by locating all leaks at once, even multiple small leaks in the same system. Major auto and truck manufacturers such as Ford, GM, etc. have used Reveal products for over 20 years.

Reveal Leak Detection formulations:

  • A-672Plus universal air conditioning dye
  • A-670Plus for R-12 mineral oil based A/C systems
  • A-671Plus for R-134a PAG lubricated based A/C systems
  • A-680Plus provides one universal additive for oil, fuel or ATF
  • A-690Plus for water coolant systems

Three easy steps:

    1. Turn the system off and pour in the appropriate Reveal Additive
    2. Run the system to circulate the additive
    3. Shine the UV lamp on the system and spot the fluorescent glow of any leaks - big or small