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UV/White Light Transilluminators

UV/White Transilluminators house white light and UV working areas side by side for multiple applications.

UV/White Light Transilluminator


  • Fluorescent stained gels
  • Microtiter Plates
  • Colorimetric gels
  • Autoradiographs

Main Features

Electronic ballast and cutting-edge construction offers:

  • Increased ultraviolet output and intensity
  • No light flicker
  • Wider intensity range with variable selection (select models)
  • Fast lamp start up
  • Universal power supply
  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • Longer tube life
  • Lighter weight
  • Improved gel visualization and gel documentation

Models available include:

  • 365nm longwave UV and white light
  • 302nm midrange UV and white light or
  • Combination 2UV 365nm longwave, 302nm midrange and white light
  • Easily switch among the light sources with the rocker switch on the front of the unit
  • Each UV and white light surface area measures 20 x 20cm
  • Hinged, clear UV blocking cover, included with each transilluminator, is height adjustable for access to the filter surface
  • All transilluminators carry a two-year warranty

WARNING:  Transilluminators are powerful sources of ultraviolet radiation which can cause serious damage to unprotected eyes and skin. Read the ultraviolet Caution Information before operating any transilluminators.