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A Polytropic Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus Promoter Isolated from Multiple Tissues from a Sheep with Multisystemic Lentivirus-Associated Inflammatory Disease < Read the article >
Viruses 2013, 5(8), 2005-2018; doi:10.3390/v5082005
UVP Products Used: PCR Workstation

Example of applications using type pencil lamps such as the Pen-Ray mercury light sources: "Wavelengths of spectral lines in mercury pencil lamps"
Craig J. Sansonetti, Marc L. Salit, and Joseph Reader
Reprint from Applied Optics

Development and Characterization of a Green Fluorescent Protein-Based Bacterial Biosensor for Bioavailable Toluene and Related Compounds
Lawrence Stiner and Larry J. Halverson
Appl. Envir. Microbiol. 2002 68: 1962-1971
UVP product(s) used:   365nm wavelength UV Box

Selection of Alternative 5' Splice Sites: Role of U1 snRNP and Models for the Antagonistic Effects of SF2/ASF and hnRNP A1
Ian C. Eperon, Olga V. Makarova, Akila Mayeda, Stephen H. Munroe, Javier F. Cceres, Daniel G. Hayward, and Adrian R. Krainer
Mol. Cell. Biol. 2000 20: 8303-8318
UVP product(s) used:   SpotCure

Single-Dose Intrapulmonary Pharmacokinetics of Rifapentine in Normal Subjects
John E. Conte, Jr., Jeffrey A. Golden, Mari McQuitty, Juliana Kipps, Emil T. Lin, and Elisabeth Zurlinden
Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 2000 44: 985-990
UVP product(s) used:   Pen-Ray Lamp

The Pre-mRNA 5' Cap Determines Whether U6 Small Nuclear RNA Succeeds U1 Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Particle at 5' Splice Sites
Laura O'Mullane and Ian C. Eperon
Mol. Cell. Biol. 1998 18: 7510-7520
UVP product(s) used:   SpotCure

Genetic Characterization of a Multicomponent Signal Transduction System Controlling the Expression of Cable Pili in Burkholderia cenocepacia
Mladen Tomich and Christian D. Mohr
J. Bacteriol. 2004 186: 3826-3836
UVP product(s) used:   HybriLinker HL-2000

Variable and conserved elements of human ribosomes surrounding the mRNA at the decoding and upstream sites
Dmitri Graifer, Maxim Molotkov, Valentina Styazhkina, Natalia Demeshkina, Konstantin Bulygin, Anna Eremina, Anton Ivanov, Elena Laletina, Aliya Ven'yaminova, and Galina Karpova
Nucleic Acids Res., Jun 2004; 32: 3282 - 3293
UVP Product(s) Used: SpotCure

Systems Level Insights Into the Stress Response to UV Radiation in the Halophilic Archaeon Halobacterium NRC-1
Nitin S. Baliga, Sarah J. Bjork, Richard Bonneau, Min Pan, Chika Iloanusi, Molly C.H. Kottemann, Leroy Hood, and Jocelyne DiRuggiero
Genome Res., Jun 2004; 14: 1025 - 1035
UVP Product(s) Used: Pen-Ray lamp

Adhesion and Friction Mechanisms of Polymer-on-Polymer Surfaces
Nobuo Maeda, Nianhuan Chen, Matthew Tirrell, and Jacob N. Israelachvili
Science, Jul 2002; 297: 379 - 382
UVP Product(s) Used: Pen-Ray 90-0012-01

LexA-DNA Bond Strength by Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy
F. Khner, L. T. Costa, P. M. Bisch, S. Thalhammer, W. M. Heckl, and H. E. Gaub
Biophys. J., Oct 2004; 87: 2683 - 2690
UVP Product(s) Used: ... were cleaned by placing them under a mercury UV light (UVP Pen-Ray) for 30 min.

Ordered Bicontinuous Nanoporous and Nanorelief Ceramic Films from Self Assembling Polymer Precursors
Vanessa Z.-H. Chan, James Hoffman, Victor Y. Lee, Hermis Iatrou, Apostolos Avgeropoulos, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Robert D. Miller, and Edwin L. Thomas
Science, Nov 1999; 286: 1716 - 1719
UVP Product(s) Used: Pen-Ray PCQ Lamp

Autocrine/Paracrine Secreted Frizzled-related Protein 2 Induces Cellular Resistance to Apoptosis: A POSSIBLE MECHANISM OF MAMMARY TUMORIGENESIS
Jia-Lin Lee, Chung-Tien Lin, Ling-Ling Chueh, and Ching-Jin Chang
J. Biol. Chem., Apr 2004; 279: 14602 - 14609
UVP Product(s) Used: UV cross-linker (model HL-2000 HybriLinker Hybridization Oven)

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