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Genomic sequencing
G M Church and W Gilbert
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1984 April; 81(7): 1991-1995
UVP product(s) used:   Blak-Ray UV Intensity Meter and UV Crosslinking

Generation of a Replication-Competent, Propagation-Deficient Virus Vector Based on the Transmissible Gastroenteritis Coronavirus Genome
Javier Ortego, David Escors, Hubert Laude, and Luis Enjuanes
J. Virol. 2002 76: 11518-11529
UVP product(s) used:   UV Cross-linker CL-1000

Candida albicans Killing by RAW 264.7 Mouse Macrophage Cells: Effects of Candida Genotype, Infection Ratios, and Gamma Interferon Treatment
A. Marcil, D. Harcus, D. Y. Thomas, and M. Whiteway
Infect. Immun. 2002 70: 6319-6329
UVP product(s) used:   UV Cross-linker CL-1000

Transcription Regulatory Sequences and mRNA Expression Levels in the Coronavirus Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus
Sara Alonso, Ander Izeta, Isabel Sola, and Luis Enjuanes
J. Virol. 2002 76: 1293-1308
UVP product(s) used:   Cross-linker CL-1000

Detection of Hepatitis A Virus by the Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification Technique and Comparison with Reverse Transcription-PCR
Jean, Burton Blais, Andr Darveau, and Ismal Fliss
Appl. Envir. Microbiol. 2001 67: 5593-5600
UVP product(s) used:   UV Cross-linker model CL-1000

Molecular Characterization and Heterologous Expression of the Gene Encoding a Low-Molecular-Mass Endoglucanase from Trichoderma reesei QM9414
Hirofumi Okada, Kohji Tada, Tadashi Sekiya, Kengo Yokoyama, Akinori Takahashi, Hideki Tohda, Hiromichi Kumagai, and Yasushi Morikawa
Appl. Envir. Microbiol. 1998 64: 555-563
UVP product(s) used:   UV Cross-linker model CL-1000

Characterization of an Atrazine-Degrading Pseudaminobacter sp. Isolated from Canadian and French Agricultural Soils
Edward Topp, Hong Zhu, Sarah M. Nour, Sabine Houot, Melanie Lewis, and Diane Cuppels
Appl. Envir. Microbiol. 2000 66: 2773-2782
UVP product(s) used:   UV Cross-linker

A Stilbene Synthase Gene (SbSTS1) Is Involved in Host and Nonhost Defense Responses in Sorghum
Christine K.Y. Yu, Karin Springob, Jrgen Schmidt, Ralph L. Nicholson, Ivan K. Chu, Wing Kin Yip, and Clive Lo
Plant Physiology, May 2005; 138: 393 - 401.
UVP Product(s) Used: ... then covalently cross-linked to the membrane with a UVP CL-1000 UV cross-linker (UVP)

A novel allele of fission yeast rad11 that causes defects in DNA repair and telomere length regulation
Yuuki Ono, Kazunori Tomita, Akira Matsuura, Takuro Nakagawa, Hisao Masukata, Masahiro Uritani, Takashi Ushimaru, and Masaru Ueno
Nucleic Acids Res., Dec 2003; 31: 7141 - 7149
UVP Product(s) Used:   CROSSLINKER, CL-1000

AU-Rich Elements in the Collagenase 3 mRNA Mediate Stabilization of the Transcript by Cortisol in Osteoblasts
Sheila Rydziel, Anne M. Delany, and Ernesto Canalis
J. Biol. Chem., Feb 2004; 279: 5397 - 5404
UVP Product(s) Used: CL-1000, UV Crosslinker

Autocrine/Paracrine Secreted Frizzled-related Protein 2 Induces Cellular Resistance to Apoptosis: A POSSIBLE MECHANISM OF MAMMARY TUMORIGENESIS
Jia-Lin Lee, Chung-Tien Lin, Ling-Ling Chueh, and Ching-Jin Chang
J. Biol. Chem., Apr 2004; 279: 14602 - 14609
UVP Product(s) Used: UV cross-linker (model HL-2000 HybriLinker Hybridization Oven)

Cloning and Expression in Escherichia coli of the D-Aspartate Oxidase Gene from the Yeast Cryptococcus humicola and Characterization of the Recombinant Enzyme
Shouji Takahashi, Toshiyuki Takahashi, Yoshio Kera, Ryuji Matsunaga, Hiroo Shibuya, and Ryo-hei Yamada
J. Biochem. (Tokyo), Apr 2004; 135: 533 - 540
UVP Product(s) Used: ... RNA was cross-linked to the membrane using a UV cross linker (UVP) ...

Constitutive roles for inducible genes: evidence for the alteration in expression of the inducible hsp70 gene in Antarctic notothenioid fishes
Sean P. Place, Mackenzie L. Zippay, and Gretchen E. Hofmann
Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol, Aug 2004; 287: 429 - 436
UVP Product(s) Used: ... The membranes were UV cross-linked once at 120,000 {mu}J/cm 2 using a CL-1000 UV cross-linker (UVP) before hybridization with probes

Cross-linking hybridization assay for direct detection of factor V Leiden mutation
James Zehnder, Reuel Van Atta, Carol Jones, Howard Sussman, and Michael Wood
Clin. Chem., Sep 1997; 43: 1703 - 1708
UVP Product(s) Used: Model CL1000-L

Distribution of the Urease Gene Cluster among and Urease Activities of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157 Isolates from Humans
Alexander W. Friedrich, Robin Kck, Martina Bielaszewska, Wenlan Zhang, Helge Karch, and Werner Mathys
J. Clin. Microbiol., Feb 2005; 43: 546 - 550
UVP Product(s) Used: ... by capillary blotting, and fixed by UV cross-linking (CL-1000 UV cross-linker; UVP)

Extensive Human DNA Contamination in Extracts from Ancient Dog Bones and Teeth
Helena Malmstrm, Jan Stor, Love Daln, Gunilla Holmlund, and Anders Gtherstrm
Mol. Biol. Evol., Jun 2005; 10.1093/molbev/msi195
UVP Product(s) Used: ... for the aDNA extracts, were autoclaved and/or UV irradiated at 254 nm in a crosslinker (UVP) with either 2.0 or 6.0 J/cm2.

Homocysteine Increases the Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor by a Mechanism Involving Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Transcription Factor ATF4
C. Nathaniel Roybal, Shujie Yang, Chiao-Wang Sun, Diego Hurtado, David L. Vander Jagt, Tim M. Townes, and Steve F. Abcouwer
J. Biol. Chem., Apr 2004; 279: 14844 - 14852
UVP Product(s) Used:   CL-1000 UV cross-linker

Hsp72 Inhibits Apoptosis Upstream of the Mitochondria and Not through Interactions with Apaf-1
Rohan Steel, Judith P. Doherty, Katherine Buzzard, Nicholas Clemons, Christine J. Hawkins, and Robin L. Anderson
J. Biol. Chem., Dec 2004; 279: 51490 - 51499
UVP Product(s) Used: CL-1000 UV Cross-linker

Insect-Induced Conifer Defense. White Pine Weevil and Methyl Jasmonate Induce Traumatic Resinosis, de Novo Formed Volatile Emissions, and Accumulation of Terpenoid Synthase and Putative Octadecanoid Pathway Transcripts in Sitka Spruce
Barbara Miller, Lufiani L. Madilao, Steven Ralph, and Jrg Bohlmann
Plant Physiology, Jan 2005; 137: 369 - 382
UVP Product(s) Used: ... membranes and fixed by UV cross-linking (TL-2000 Ultraviolet Translinker; UVP).

Isolation, partial purification, and characterization of a novel petromyzonol sulfotransferase from Petromyzon marinus (lamprey) larval liver
K. V. Venkatachalam, Domingo E. Llanos, Kristophe J. Karami, and Vladimir A. Malinovskii
J. Lipid Res., Mar 2004; 45: 486 - 495
UVP Product(s) Used: CL-1000 UV cross-linker

Molecular diversity of cardiac endothelial cells in vitro and in vivo
Jan Hendrickx, Kris Doggen, Ellen O. Weinberg, Pascale Van Tongelen, Paul Fransen, and Gilles W. De Keulenaer
Physiol Genomics, Oct 2004; 19: 198 - 206
UVP Product(s) Used: ... Subsequently, RNA was cross-linked with a CL-1000 ultraviolet cross-linker (UVP)

Multiplex Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification for Simultaneous Detection of Several Enteric Viruses in Model Ready-To-Eat Foods
Julie Jean, Doris H. D'Souza, and Lee-Ann Jaykus
Appl. Envir. Microbiol., Nov 2004; 70: 6603 - 6610
UVP Product(s) Used: UV cross-linker

PGE2 confers survivin-dependent apoptosis resistance in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells
Felicita Baratelli, Kostyantyn Krysan, Nathalie Heuz-Vourc'h, Li Zhu, Brian Escuadro, Sherven Sharma, Karen Reckamp, Mariam Dohadwala, and Steven M. Dubinett
J. Leukoc. Biol., May 2005; 10.1189/jlb.1004569
UVP Product(s) Used: ... without PGE2 were exposed for 9 min to a 9000W/cm2 UV source [CL-1000 UV cross-linker UVP, peak emission 280 nm (1 J/cm2 UVC)] and incubated overnight at 37C, 5% CO2

Regulation of heat shock genes in isolated hepatocytes from an Antarctic fish, Trematomus bernacchii
Bradley A. Buckley, Sean P. Place, and Gretchen E. Hofmann
J. Exp. Biol., Oct 2004; 207: 3649 - 3656
UVP Product(s) Used: CL-1000 UV cross-linker

Small Molecule Regulators of Protein Arginine Methyltransferases
Donghang Cheng, Neelu Yadav, Randall W. King, Maurice S. Swanson, Edward J. Weinstein, and Mark T. Bedford
J. Biol. Chem., Jun 2004; 279: 23892 - 23899
UVP Product(s) Used: CL-1000 UV cross-linker

The OtsAB Pathway Is Essential for Trehalose Biosynthesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Helen N. Murphy, Graham R. Stewart, Vladimir V. Mischenko, Alexander S. Apt, Richard Harris, Mark S. B. McAlister, Paul C. Driscoll, Douglas B. Young, and Brian D. Robertson
J. Biol. Chem., Apr 2005; 280: 14524 - 14529
UVP Product(s) Used: ... {mu}g of DNA was exposed to 1000 {mu}J cm -2 of UV irradiation using a UVP CL-1000 cross-linker before electroporation into

Transcriptional Regulation of Mitotic Checkpoint Gene MAD1 by p53
Abel C. S. Chun and Dong-Yan Jin
J. Biol. Chem., Sep 2003; 278: 37439 - 37450
UVP Product(s) Used:   CL-1000 Ultraviolet Cross-linker


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