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GelDoc-Ite Imaging System

The GelDoc-It®e Imaging System is designed for easy, efficient and economical gel documentation! VisionWorks® software loads on your computer and is easy to operate with straightforward image capture and quantitative analysis* capabilities. High quality images are quickly captured with the scientific-grade CCD camera. The new, compact system reduces lab bench space requirements and is plug-and-play for quick set up and operation.

Capture vivid gel & blot images with easy to use integrated touch screen and software.


DNA and Protein Gel Imaging:

  • Fluorescence
  • Colorimetric

System Names


GelDoc-Ite Imaging Systems
GelCam 315
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Applications for this system include DNA gels, protein gels, blue light gels, TLC gels, colony plates, colorimetric, TLC gels, visible light gels, autoraphiographs.

Main Features

Researchers can easily obtain high quality, publication quality images with the GelDoc-Ite Imaging System. The camera captures picture perfect images, while the simplified system design allows users to easily illuminate, view, capture and analyze gel images.

  • Illuminate the gels: Stained gels illuminate clearly on the UV transilluminator which is easily accessible via the darkroom's wide access front door and two easy-access side doors.
  • View and capture the gels: Gels can be viewed through the unique viewing window and captured with the click of a button from the easy-to-use VisionWorks® software interface.
  • Analyze the gels: Quantitative 1D analysis* is easily generated with VisionWorks software's integrated image analysis tools.
Design Features and Benefits
  • Compact design: The compact darkroom and integrated UV transilluminator create a simple, space-saving package.
  • Move or cut gels: Side doors enable access for excision or repositioning of gels.
  • Emission Filter: A broadband emission filter (included) achieves enhanced signal detection. The slide-out filter tray is conveniently located under the camera for placement of filters. Easily exchange filters to support numerous applications. UVP offers a wide range of filter choices; contact UVP for further information.
  • Transilluminator: The transilluminator features a large 21x26cm filter area; single or multiple UV wavelengths are available.
Expanded Applications

Converter plates can be placed on the UV transilluminator to convert the ultraviolet light to specific wavelengths for illumination of different gel types:

  • For colorimetric imaging: Add a White Light Plate which converts UV transillumination to white light for viewing Silver Stains, Coomassie Blue and other gels.
  • For blue light imaging: Add a Visi-Blue Plate for SYBR® Green, GelGreen and UV safe gels.
Streamlined Software Tools

VisionWorks software features a streamlined image workflow to simplify your imaging protocols. The acquisition functions feature one-touch capture buttons for quick, easy acquisition of fluorescent and colorimetric gels. User-defined templates can be saved with customized settings to speed up repeat experiments. The software offers a variety of image enhancement features, such as annotation and pseudocolor of images, for presentations and reports.

Extensive analysis* functions enable researchers to:

  • Automatically find lanes and bands
  • Generate lane profile graphs
  • Visualize area density for bands
  • Perform dendrogram analysis
  • Calculate concentration curves
  • Calibrate using multiple Molecular Weight (MW) standards
  • More ...

Connect the GelDoc-Ite external computer (order separately) to your lab's network to allow transfer of images to remote computers where additional copies of VisionWorks can be installed for image enhancement and analysis. Additional copies of VisionWorks are available; contact UVP for ordering information.

*System/software configurations may vary by country. Contact UVP or authorized distributor for details.