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Large UV Viewing Cabinets

The large UV Chromato-Vue viewing cabinets feature a removable bottom panel so the cabinet may be placed over large samples or a transilluminator. Cabinets include high intensity 15-watt UV. C-70G Cabinet pictured.

Large Viewing Cabinet


  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Document Verification
  • Thin Layer Chromatography


Main Features

  • Large UV Viewing Cabinets include C-70G, C-71 and C-75 models
  • A soft rubber viewport includes a contrast control filter.
  • Control switches are conveniently located for selecting either of the UV wavelengths or the interior overhead white light
  • Easy access to the cabinet interior is via the curtain which also blocks ambient light
  • The C-70G Chromato-Vue Cabinet includes two each of 15-watt shortwave and longwave UV tubes mounted on one side of the cabinet
  • Model C-71 is similar to the C-70G, but has four 15-watt, longwave UV tubes on one side of the unit
  • The 254nm and 365nm UV tubes in the C-75 are positioned on two sides of the cabinet providing uniform UV illumination for fluorescence studies
  • Cabinets are manufactured from lightweight plastic