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For Life Science, Educational, Industrial and Clinical Laboratories and Applications
Advanced Imaging Systems
Chemiluminescent, Fluorescent, 2D, Colorimetric GelDoc-It System Chemiluminescent Imaging GelDoc-It System Small Animal Imaging
Advanced & automated UVP ChemStudio PLUS; one system for multiple gel/blot/NIR imaging applications Modular systems for image capture & analysis: GelDoc-It2 (gel imaging) and
UVP ChemStudio
(gel & blot imaging)
Integrated touch screen technology & advanced capabilities: UVP GelStudio SA2 (gels) and UVP ChemStudio SA2
(gels & blots)
Dedicated chemiluminescent blot (westerns, northerns, southerns) image capture & analysis: ChemiDoc-It Fluorescent in vivo imaging:
iBox Explorer2 (macro to micro imaging) and UVP iBox Scientia
(macro imaging)
Basic Imaging Systems
Automated Colony counting Dedicated for Gel Documentation Digital Color Gel Documentation Digital Color Thin LayerDigital Color Thin Layer Chromatography Color Printer replaces polaroid systems
Imaging Station

for Automated Colony Counting
Imaging System

for Dedicated Gel
DigiDoc-It™ and
MultiDoc-It™ System
Digital Color Gel Documentation
ChromaDoc-It™ System
Digital Color Thin Layer Chromatography
PhotoDoc-It™ System
with Color Printer
Replaces Polaroid Systems
Uniform UV Illumination Multiple UV Wavelengths High Performance Side by side white and UV Visi Blue
Highly Uniform
UV Illlumination
3UV™ and 2UV™ Benchtop (Multiple UV Wavelengths)
Plus Single UV Models
High Performance
Large Format 25-Watt
White/UV Side by Side Visi-Blue™
460-470nm for SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange and GFO stains
Gel Imaging Tools and Accessories
Gel trays, ruler, gel scooper, gel cutter Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with ultraviolet sources Converter plates Thermal printers for gel documentation
Gel Tools:
Gel Tray(s), Gel Ruler,
Gel Scooper, Gel Cutter
UV Blocking Eyewear
and Face Protection
Converter Plates Thermal Printers
HEPA & UV PCR Systems UV incubator Hybridization Ovens
PCR workstations PCR Cabinets UV Incubator Hybridization and UV Crossliinker in one unit!
HEPA/UV3 PCR Cabinets/Workstations UV PCR Cabinets & Workstations UV Incubator Ovens include UVP Hybrilinker: Hybridization Oven
and UV Crosslinker in One Unit
UV Crosslinkers and UV Cabinets
UV Crosslinker Crosslinker with pullout drawer UV Viewing Cabinets UV Viewing Cabinets Small viewing cabinets
UV Crosslinker
with Access Door
UV Crosslinker
with Pull-out Drawer
UV Viewing Cabinets
Large Chromato-Vue
UV Viewing Cabinets
UV Lamps
& Small Viewing Cabinets
Ultraviolet Lamps Meters
Handheld UV Lamps Portable UV Lamps High Intensity Lamps Inspection Lamps UV Meters
Handheld UV Lamps Portable UV Lamps Blak-Ray®
High Intensity UV Lamps
Inspection & QC UV Intensity Meters
J-Series and UVX Meters
Light Sources
Mercury and Rare Gas Lamps Zinc and cadmium lamps Grid lamps Ozone Generators Custom Lamps
Pen-Ray Mercury &
Rare Gas Lamps
Zinc & Cadmium Grid Lamps Ozone Generators Custom Designs
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