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Ultraviolet Translinker

The TL-2000 Translinker includes the shortwave ultraviolet CL-1000 Crosslinker and a UV transilluminator built onto the Crosslinker cabinet.

Ultraviolet Translinker


  • UV Crosslinking, Fluorescence of Stained Gels


Main Features

  • Multifunctional equipment is excellent for premium benchtop space
  • Crosslinker supplies overhead 254nm UV
  • Model M-20 Transilluminator is mounted to the Crosslinker cabinet
  • On/Off controls for the transilluminator are located on the Crosslinker panel
  • The Transilluminator uses midrange 302nm UV and has a 20 x 20cm filter surface

An ultraviolet blocking cover is included with the transilluminator